The sun falls red in autumn
flees, silent, to the west
the only thought to stay my mind
is sweet, eternal rest
Face, drawn and wilted
deep valleys carved by fears
Eyes, dark wells of sorrow
I cry a sea of tears
Oh, to sleep in darkness!
For everlasting rest!
Bereft I stand upon the hill
and kneel upon the crest
My heart and feet have failed me
Beneath a knotted tree
Grief and sorrow have prevailed
and here, together slain me
Here, my sorrow wasted
the anguish of my years
Tarnished hair falls flowing down
I cry a sea of tears
I spill my cup of sorrow
bright silver, flowing down
it wells into the valley
and covers rocky ground
As the stars are watching
and then the light of dawn
still, my shining river flows
and wanders on and on
Sweet sorrow the ground tasted,
and then had drunk its full
I will cry a sea of tears
and weep forevermore
Oh, What anguish wrecks me!
How bitter are my years!
I will cry a sea of tears
and weep forevermore.

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