Look at me
I’m an addict
I’m trapped in
i’m worthless
so backslid
keep running
so wrapped in
I’m strapped in
My desire
ruins me
it slaves me
it rules me
it makes me
I’m not free
As long as
my life be
And you know that I
Hate it,
this hunger
that drives me
I’m stuck in
the backseat
And I’ve
Lost hope
become broke
so lost to
this darkness
that I kiss
with my lips
I hate this
Binds me
Reminds me
i’m not free
Lord save me
forgive me
and bring me
back cuz
I want to
be free more
than anything
I know that i’ve
messed up
my best up
and i’m broke up
and i’ll fess up
so don’t give up
on me

addiction, addict, learning, journey, recovery, binding, hope

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