What means this life?
Haunted by vain apparitions am I
They poison me
and tell me lies
Why does this manner haunt me so?
Because I have no place to go
Faint echoes on a radio
Beneath the wandering moon.
And though I did not dare suppose
this thing that follows
would come so close
to penetrate my heart and soul
It does apear to be so bold
to steal away my mind.
And when at last my mind returns
From perils vast, with scars and burns
I need to see the heart that yearns
and calls for better things - but
My heart, I fear
he stole it too
My absent mind allowed him through
and hid beneath the endless blue
(The stars and planets, two by two,
affirm my petty state.)
And I at last
with anguish cry
against a cold and bloodied sky
How cruel it was!
The feind to I
(To have no heart,
I’d rather die!)
But that was not my fate
I searched for days
I searched for years
The sea caught up
my countless tears
But find it not did I
Until one day you held my hand
You took me where I could not stand
You held me up
so gently
and you returned my heart to me
In debt to you
I’ll always be
Until the end of time.

This is just a bit of fun, perhaps in some way a vague reflection of my mental state. As for any Firefly or Dr. Who or other references, they are all completely intentional.

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