(or Lost)

I used to write in black and gold
of great secrets yet untold -
As days turn into yester-year
my future becomes more unclear.
What guidance can I offer thee
when I myself am lost at sea?
What knowledge can I give to you
when I the glass cannot see through?
What wisdom can I then impart
when I have lost my very heart?
What secrets can I bring to light,
while I fall in deepest night?
In faith I wander, onwards still
Blind except for my own will
into the slough of my despair
One frail hope still flickers there;
a tiny light upon my staff
will my failing candle last?
As I walk beyond this world.
Yet Dawn awaits me, and the light.
My weariness, hope does not allow
and unto it I will not bow
Until I reach the other side
And light does reach mine own dear eyes
And I will see once more.

hope, despair, trials, lost, wandering, depression, darkness, instability, insecurity

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