The darkness of my eye envelops
my mind, the world, the universe
my soul is stained black too,
and stuck to itself with super glue
Somehow my pain is easier to hide
when I see that sparkle in your eye
Somehow I know that if you can make it
that maybe I can make it too.
But I feel that I can’t tell you
of the crushing pain I hide
somehow the words never quite make it
out the other side of my smile
My soul is twisted into death
of all my thoughts, there’s nothing left
If I were to start again,
Could i still call you a friend?
I am lost. Is there anyone who can find me?
I am lost. Is there any way to unbind me?
Come, my friend and tell me true,
What is it that I’ve been to you?
Come, my friend, and tell my true,
If I have not become like you.

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