There was an old sailor, who lived by the ocean
A child of the island, a child of the sea
His eyes were the colour of a pale moon sky
But the sea and the shore he left behind
Red was the hair on the face of the sailor
Red was the colour of glasses of wine
Red was the road that ever he wandered
Red as a herring on the line
Red as the land that he left behind
Ever he wandered, ever he sang
A swarthy traveller unstrung by burdens
Out of your bounds and your life and your line,
Leaving nothing but dust behind
Red was the dress that she wore when you met her
Red were the flowers you bought for your girl
Red was your heart when you knew you’d upset her
Red were her eyes from the tears that she cried
Red as a herring on the line
Red as the land that you left behind

WIP - how should it end?

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