Along a weary path I tread,
Into deepest darkness fled
Afraid of what might come behind
And terrors that did plague my mind
Until I came to darkest way
A place of which I was afraid -
I walked into the darkness, still
Stepping quickly past until
By deepest darkness I was bound,
And the night was all around -
I heard a voice speak in my head,
And to my own surprise it said:
“Look up at the skies”
I did, and did not believe my eyes
For in the darkness I had feared
a thousand stars had been revealed.
At this great sight I lost my fear
and traveled slowly through the field
of which I once had been afraid,
My fear replaced with awe that made
my heart, once tired, leap with joy
and feet, though battered, now enjoy
the walk in deepest shadow there,
for I knew that all was well and fair
once more.

This poem is based on an actual experience, but is also a very relevant metaphor for what is going on in my life right now. Many things have happened recently that have brought me much grief and worry. I often feel as if I am walking alone and scared in the dark. But no matter how bad our troubles get, we are always put there for a reason, and there is much beauty to be found in the midst of pain and suffering. We just need to allow ourselves to stop for a moment so that we can see it and gain some perspective, sometimes.

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