When I look at you
I want to see
the depths of the sorrow in your eyes
the tiny creases left by a million smiles
the wrinkles and dark spots that give away
a thousand stories every time you breathe
the marks and scars on your skin
Oh dearest why won’t you let me
into your world?
Don’t cover up your beauty, with make up
another word for make-up is make-believe.
It is a false mask you wear, and it isn’t you.
Let me see the full picture, with all the flaws,
because dearest,
you are beautiful.

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over 5 years

a truly beautiful write, not much else to say really. it is funny how people hide their flaws, seeing them as ugly parts of themselves to be kept secret. how liberated must a person be to give their self to another person, emotionally and spiritually naked? that is indeed the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; we all quest.

Sarana Conradie
over 5 years

Wow truly beautiful.

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