I walk around,
feeling whispers.
Avoiding the eyes that prosecute me.
The stares.
The glares.
I know what they’re saying,
but that isn’t who I am.
They don’t know the pain I’ve seen,
how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep.
They don’t care.
They taste the rumors,
the lies,
and spit them out like fire,
burning any chance of normal.
I’m stuck,
standing at the fringes of life,
because that’s where they put me.


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plus de 7 ans

I know that everything works out for the best. As a little girl my "friends" weren't the nicest, all I wanted was to fit in and be popular. I quickly learned that that wasn't the way to live and that the only people that needed to approve of me was myself and God. This was written for the child I used to be.

Cory Garcia
plus de 7 ans

Tears are never wasted
each one a baptism of the spirit
from the soul that adores it
each one a caress of the cheek
and a kiss on the lips
from the one who knows you bestyou may be a woman
but the little girl inside
still needs you to hold her
and tell her everything is going to be alrightGLYASDW :)

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