Have you ever thought about drowning in your tears of sorrow.
   Because you lost the person you love and you wish you can see them tomorrow.
    So you ask the heavens above to see if  you can have another heart or even one you can borrow.
  Because your drowning in so much pain.
  And without them you feel like life is not the same.
  And you have nothing to gain.
    And every road you walk on you feel like you step on memory lane
 And no matter how hard you try.
 you always want to cry.
Because of those heart warming memories of that special person is soaring deeply through out your brain.
  Weather it is good or bad
   No matter how many times you walk on that road a memory pops in you’re head and your always getting sad.
    Because those were the best years you ever had.
               By Aaron Austin

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Leesaan Robertson
almost 6 years

This is sad..I have a poem titled "memories" also. Please check it out.

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