All I see is temptation
this has been bugging me in frustration.
Its been Going to my head and threw my heart.
Because you have always been there from the start.
I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you never fall apart.
We had the best of times.
We had the worst of times.
But I’ve always wanted you to be forever mine.
Your eyes are as pretty as the sunset.
Even if I had the option to change our lives I would never hit reset.
I’m glad I have you in my life.
If You even gave me 1 chance I’ll make you my wife.
I’ll do my best to build your dreams.
Will have family in every theme.
Will sail from coast to coast.
You will always have heart because I will always love you the most.
So Can I put mine and your heart together.
For me and you to last forever.
Will have a family in always have each other.
I’m not the best looking guy you will see.
But I’ll let you be free.
Will you marry me.
             Will you marry me.
               By Aaron Austin

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Leesaan Robertson
about 6 years

Beautiful. I hope she marry you

Aaron Austin
about 6 years

ty for your kind words

Robert L. Martin
about 6 years

If I were her, I sure would marry you, but I'm not her, and I/m not a woman.

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