I know what you’re thinking
There’s no way out of this
And I’ve tried everything
I can’t fix what I did
So you say what’s the point?
I’ve failed so many times
I should just quit and join
There’s no way to make things right
Maybe this is what I’m supposed to be
Maybe I’m stuck here for eternity
Where there’s a will, there’s always a way
As long as this faith is here to stay
Lay down the guilt and bury the shame
Don’t let all the pain pull you away
I know the hope seems lost
Trapped within your own death
Did you ever count the cost?
It might’ve saved you then
You’re the only one to blame
But don’t weep bitterly
The light may still be attained
With shining bravery
There’s never a day where we can’t change
There’s always a way to save the day

Inspired by Wovenwar's song "Prophets".

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