I am happy to announce that after four months of hiatus, I am picking up my pen again and continuing my writing journey.

On April 4th (2016), I had posted an Author Update explaining that I would be taking a leave of absence with no set time limit.
Lo and behold, a couple months later I find myself writing a single poem and thinking to myself, “Hmm... this sounds pretty good... and different. I like it.” And so I wrote more poems centered around the first poem’s concept, eventually compiling them into the next new concept series.
For this new series, I decided to rethink my writing process and experiment with new styles, words, and ideas I’ve never used before.
For the writing style and content, I tried to go for a mixture of loose, cryptic, and dark, yet personal, honest, and humble.
This series generally will be focusing on this “psychotic” world we live in, with a few other poems branching out but still retaining some connection to the main focus of the series.
I feel confident with this new series, so much so that I broke my limit of 8 poems and went a little farther. And I may even write “extended version” poems for it along the way... maybe. ;)

I must say it feels good to be back on Poeticous and I do look forward to writing new concept series in the near future!:)

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Welcome back. I can't wait to read your new concepts

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