Author Update 27 - Wrapping Up 2016

The Revolutionary series is finished. I’m glad to be able to get it all posted before the end of the year, because I have another new concept series that I will be starting sometime in January, but until then, I will not be posting any new writings. This new series is already nearly complete and it will have more than just the standard 8 poems. I have really good feelings about this series. It takes a step back from the chaotic setting of Revolutionary and focuses more on personal matters, both mine and of others, of which I will be explaining in more detail as we enter 2017.

I would like to thank all my readers. This has been a crazy year, but has not gone uninspired. You are the ones keeping me going at the writing desk.
I will most likely be writing new concept series throughout 2017 as I continue to write about topics I have yet to explore.
Again, thank you for reading as long as you all have. It has been most encouraging!
God bless and happy New Year! ^_^

~Azur White

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