All I wanted
Was to help them see
What only I could see
I never fronted
Never had reason to lie
I was simply denied
Treating me as demented
I was apprehended
Here I am
Locked in a cell
Praising you still
What did I do wrong?
What’s so wrong about these words?
I tell you, it needs to be heard
But I knew all along
They didn’t want to hear truth
They force upon me what they choose
Here I am
Locked in a cell
Praising you still
Here I am
In these chains of Hell
Praising you still
So drug me up
Shrink my mind
Won’t be enough
I’ll be fine
May not be tough
But I’ve got a spirit on my side

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Good you have a spirit on your side. That is most important

Azure White
Azure White
almost 5 years

Definitely :)

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