Residing within the holy people
I become prone to what’s natural
If my intentions are truly evil
Then there is nothing good in the world
But if a step too far has been taken
Attempting to shove it down their throats
We’ve lost the purpose and are mistaken
Forgetting everything that means the most
Losing all sight
Giving them fright
What is there within us?
Penance, is it enough?
How can there be salvation
When there is no compassion?
Unsure of what I am to do next
I am driven to the point of unrest
Once all the word has been utilized
What else can I do but watch them die?
But with this question comes unfaithfulness
Weakness that overshadows my soul
To the point of giving up, giving in
And then judged for being a fool like them
What is there within us?
Penance, is it enough?
How can there be salvation
When there is no compassion?
Blindly living righteous lives
Who are we on the inside?
Angels with wings and halos?
Or fiends with horns, hearts hollowed?
I’d rather be a murderer that believes
Than live on as a man who walks blindly

This one is about misunderstanding purpose. The beginning 4 lines say "Residing within the holy people, I become prone to what's natural. If my intentions are truly evil, then there is nothing good in the world." The meaning is: I as a Christian live with/among other believers. Because of this, I become likely to do what is natural, and that would be making the mistake of overdoing the preaching of the gospel. If simply spreading the word about Christ is evil to the world, what is there that is truly righteous in the world?

The next 4 lines more so address the process of overdoing it too much. If we take a step too far by shoving the word down their throats, forcing it upon them, then we clearly have forgotten the true purpose of spreading the word. By losing sight of the true purpose of our calling, we unknowingly strike fear in non-believers' hearts, discouraging them.

The chorus says "What is there within us? Penance, is it enough? How can there be salvation when there is no compassion?" Now, by penance, I do not mean bodily harm. I mean it in a way of compensation for wrongs committed, asking myself if it will even be enough to cover the act of forcing the word on the people. The scriptures should never be forced on anyone. And if there is no compassion for those that refuse to listen, how can there be salvation at all for them?

The next verse addresses a sense of weakness and doubt. Once we as Christians have given it all our effort and knowledge, and the people still refuse to listen to the gospel, what more can be done but to stand back and watch as they slowly die? I do not mean dying physically, but spiritually and morally. In the same verse, I almost in a sense am attacking my own question. It is an unfaithful and doubting question. I admit that it is a weakness, sometimes forcing me inevitably as a sinning human being to commit a lot of the same acts that I am preaching against. And then I am judged by the very people that taught me how to judge in the same way. Granted, it is hypocritical, but no matter what, all Christians are still called to preach the gospel. We're also called to repent and turn away from sin. Sometimes even us believers mess up and make mistakes, the very mistakes we object to. Sometimes we get off on the wrong track and begin living blindly with a confused sense of righteousness.

The bridge says "I'd rather be a murderer that believes than live on as a man who walks blindly." This may sound a little harsh or startling at first, so I will explain. It is basically an admittance of humility, saying that I would rather be like a lowly criminal that has faith in Christ than a believer who continues living on with a sense of blurred and confused purpose.

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over 5 years

i enjoyed reading your poem...this, I liked the best! Thank you for adding your notes too. This is soul-searching....

Kaylah pops
about 6 years

your poem was deep but very well worded and with so much honesty and depth, it was truly amazing to read this, especially since it happens so much. im talking from experience where i was over preached too and was expected to do the same. when i think about it, its depressing but i believe god has a plan for everyone and for now, preach to those who are willing to listen, god is working on the rest

Azure White
almost 7 years

Thank you, Rhonda. No problem. :) It really can be problematic when we overdo our ultimate callings.

almost 7 years

I enjoyed your poem. I am also a Christian. I didn't get all of your meaning til I read your comments. Thank you for adding that. I admire your deep introspection on how you feel about your Christianity. I also totally agree with you. I had to learn not to overpower people with preaching. now I let my life and my actions do the speaking. Terrific poem! Great subject to write about.

Azure White
almost 7 years

Thank you, Redeemed. I really try to make my meanings/points clear and understandable. It seems that this poem is the most viewed out of all of mine so far. Losing All Sight is one of my favorite and strongest poems I've written. I fully agree with what you're saying and that is pretty much the main point of the poem.

almost 7 years

I really like your notes on your poems.
There are far too many Christians in our world who are content living in Laodicea. Without revival, the church is turning cold and falling away. We need see what we are in Christ more clearly.

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