Set Free

So far away and every day
I wonder when the day will come
When I could hold you close to me
Help me endure this suffering
I want to leave this place of tragedy
Show me the one true place I can be set free
Unable to do this on my own
I require your help to find my way home
I must be set free from all this pain
And release what I cannot contain
I must let go of all this shame
If I don’t, nothing will ever change
My distance from the truth
Is growing everyday that I live
I must be accompanied
Stay with me, do not leave
It is your aid that I need
Reveal to me the home where I was meant to be
Confined to maleficence
It is all that awaits me
Unless you set me straight
I will never be set free

This is an older one. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay one's life down for his friends.

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