Shallow Grave

Submerged in deep unneeded waters
Buried under the cold darkened dirt
In the dark of this pool I cannot see
How the short time of this grave will save me
Stop and pull me back out
This is not the right route
So I could just decide to drown
I could be buried underground
Redemption isn’t ever found
In the case of a shallow grave
Simple water cannot wash away
All the evil deeds of wicked days
No liquid can cleanse this way of life
Only through holy fire we find light
I’d rather be cremated and be born again
Insensate watery graves will not make amends
Whether I go six feet under
Or a mere foot below water
It won’t send me any higher
I then become one with the dirt

I've never been baptized before. Not once. I've been a Christian all my life and not once have I been baptized. And that is quite alright.

When you are lowered into the water, it symbolizes death and being lowered into a grave. When you are brought back up out of the water, it symbolizes resurrection, becoming a new person with devotion to Christ.

There are some Christians that believe you must be baptized to be able to be saved and/or go to heaven. No offense to those of you that believe this to be true, but it is not the case. The bible does not say that baptism saves you. Only GOD saves you. Baptism is merely a statement of devotion of one's life to Christ. Nothing more. It does not give anyone a free ticket into heaven.

John 3;16 says "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."
We need only simply believe in Him and accept Him into our hearts.

Regarding the song, when I say "cremated", I obviously do not mean it in a literal sense. What I mean is I'd rather just continue on unbaptized and still be on fire for Christ.
I use the word "insensate" with the definition of "lack of understanding."

I am not against baptism at all. I encourage baptism in fact. But I myself don't believe it to be necessary. I believe in Christ and have accepted Him into my heart. That is all.

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