forever gone

my eyes are wet glazing down my cheeks
becuase every day I know that I’ve lost you.
I’ve lost those little feet fluttering in my stomach
I’ve lost getting to see you on the ultrasound every week
I’ve lost all your fingers and toes wrapping around my fingers
I’ve lost my self when you took your last breath
I’ve lost a love that i can never get back
I’ve lost a piece of my soul
I’ve lost getting to hold your cold body
I’ve lost the chance to get to hold you for another hour and tell you how much i love you
I’ve lost feelings in my hands as i hold your ashes in an urn
I’ve lost you forever.... and ever.... ill never get you back ever
                               I’ve lost you forever
                               I’ve lost me.....................


in memory of Tyler James identical twin to Cole who still lives
miss your tyler thank your for being brave ......

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over 7 years

thank you writing makes me feel stronger

over 7 years

So,so sad.I'm so sorry for your loss.


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