When locked away in thoughts of worry and anxiety
It is not possible to see the clear blue sky
To feel the gentle touch of the sun’s rays in winter
Nor to notice the palm trees dancing in the wind.
Nature is amazing, it puts a smile on our faces
When we stop to listen to it speak
It subdues the troubled mind and opens it up in praise
To the Creator.
A melody from the trees sung in the stillness of my thoughts
Is sweeter than honey and more precious than the rarest jewel
The sweetest bird’s song can never be mimicked and shared
With a mindless crowd.
As I lay beside the clear cool stream, I’m reminded of Mara
Where a bitter experience was turned sweet. It’s refreshing
Sound quenches my soul as I drench my troubled thoughts
In to flow downward to the sea, where they will forever be
Lost and never return.
Oblivious to life’s cares, I gaze at the perfect scenery landscaped
Before me .
I’m awed into silence by its breath taking view
So tranquil is it in contrast to the concrete jungle.
It is indeed far greater than any depiction of it hanging from a cold
Stone wall. It is the reality between dreams.


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African Child
almost 4 years

Thank u so much, glad u enjoyed it.

Barb Clarke
almost 4 years

This poem took me above worry, very beautiful, thanks for writing.

African Child
almost 4 years

Thank you all for such encouraging words. I'm only sorry I couldnt respond earlier.

Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

You sure have a knack for writing. Keep up the good work. Life sure is beautiful.

Leesaan Robertson
about 4 years

Awesome poem

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years


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