How I hate a cold winter day.
When you are far miles away.
Having no one to hug in this rain.
It causes a sexual pain.
How I miss
Such sweet moisture lips.
I use to kiss.
A kiss in deeper places.
And in different phases.
Feeling u quiver in ecstasy
Your body arching and you moaning.
Ravenously hungry and wanting more.
And beg for a ride till the morning.
Beneath the sheets, its a beautiful war.
Feeling your body melting into me.
Thighs be claiming me.
Naked desire all over your face
And me wanting to take u to that only place.
Place where we lose control
Place where desires are paid.
Place where voices change.
Place where bodies become numb.
Place where nasty is nice.
Place that can’t be sold in any price.
Place where bodies are keen.
To meet in naked skin.
Place when my tongue walk the walk.
Place where my rocket rock.
I beg you look far away.
With no worries for I’m behind u all the way.
I hate a winter day for such burning desire.
AH Diko


The poem its about a lonely men on a winter day, and missing his woman

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