Without you I felt lost for a lifetime...
But I haven’t really lived life yet
Having no one to comfort me
I’m Lost
Unable to mature because you haven’t taught me to
The life I’m living I hope no one has to go through
Rough; Criticism Everywhere
Social media controls the world
When your lost you feel that the best thing to do is end it...
Don’t let the demons fill your head
Social Suicide
Is the better choice in life...
Okay your Lost!
But feeding into others will get you hurt
so completely block out the hatred
Possibly give them something to talk about
It’s better to be Lost alone because your too afraid to move from the spot you started
Instead of being dumb and misguided
Just think about it the people in this world don’t care bout you
So prove to them you have no fucks to give
It’s ok to be Lost
Everyone is...


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