They say I write too much bout the bad, well imma take some time outta my day to write bout the good.
You see... you inspire me
Inspire me to be a better me.
That means no more weed instead ill think bout the green made by men in which supplies me with the goods to fulfill my needs; and that I shall find no need to try and fulfill needs of any man.
I should open my eyes  to the real love, which is what I receive from me to you
you to me... Family!
You inspire me for that I wanna thank god.
you tell me never to retrace your footsteps even though you left them behind with no regrets.
I respect that bout you... Inspiration
You inspired me to write this bout you, so by this you should know what you mean to me.
your my...
Inspiration. Indefinitely.


Dedicated to a wonderful, loving, beautiful... Aunt
Maria C. Hernandez

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