Misplaced Miracle

Tears poured from deep inside
The lowest point I had ever been at
My heart was breaking as I cried
When you left at the drop of a hat
Oh how we used to look at each other
Some would say we were meant to be
There was nothing in my mind but us together
Being with you I always felt so free
It would have been easy to say goodbye
To anyone other than you
Cry cry cry...
I thought I loved you then, but I didn’t have a clue
I became more attached every day
We became so close that it scared me
But I’ll love you even when I’m old and gray
And until we find the edge of the sea
No one tells you when you’re young
How love can hurt worse than any pain
But he can be the air to fill your lung
And make you go insane
All that I ask now
After all that we have been through
Is to remember this sacred vow
That I will forever & always love you

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