Outside Looking In

For the " cool kids"

I was always there,
Maybe you didn’t notice me then,
But I watched all of you,
I saw the way you treated each other,
And I studied your ways,
It seems studying was the only thing I knew how to do,
but I was good at it and you all didn’t have a clue.

After learning how to become like all of you,
And molding myself into the person you all wanted,
I’ve learned that I want to be the same person I was before,
And I didn’t need to change for you to open the door,

So now I’m in your club,
And I still know how you treat people,
Which is why I’m so good at knowing what to expect from you,
Because I am never fooled by your front,
I may appear differently to you currently, but now you notice me.

In my mind I am still that girl on the outside looking in.Those who notice it seem to hate me for being different. And some love me for what they think I am. But the ones I love back are those who see me for my true self,
And they can compare to nobody else.

So although people view me differently now, I have never really changed. I will always be that girl who can take a step back from you all & watch how the story will really unfold. Now I’m proud of my differences, unlike back then, but
I am still that girl on the outside– looking in.

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