The Best Four Years

It is supposed to be a place to learn,
A place to make those memories that last,
Loving and living life to the fullest,
These crowded stands make the very best of times,
Cheering and chanting for friends on the field,
Traditions will stay with you for all time,
But not every memory is happy,
When that mean girl made you cry all alone,
And you buried your head in your pillow,
Hoping that high school would abruptly end,
Mom would help you on the car ride to school,
But you needed her in your solitude,
When tears were falling in the school bathroom,
Then you get kissed for your very first time,
Or you laugh 'till you cry with your best friends,
And you fill up on junk food at midnight,
Hoping that you will never have to leave,
These are the things that you will miss the most,
This is what is remembered so fondly,
Things like this will make it better again,
Your happy memories will continue,
And you will never forget your past ones,
But those bad memories will also stay,
Remain with you until the end of time,
The bad times will be the things that teach you,
These times will be the ones that change you,
So appreciate this valuable time.

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