Where I'm From

I am from home grown vegetables, Jiffy peanut butter and Smuckers,
I am from the pumpkin spice candle on the kitchen counter.
I am from the green leaves turning red and orange, the white flakes kissing my nose as I make an angel,
I am from holidays at grandma’s house and, “ Mama’s always right” ; from Pa Paw Powell and the stubborn Shaws and the infamous Biggins.

I am from the pool we gather around in the summers and the laughter floating in every breath. From respect, manners, happiness, and always having your family’s back.
I am from he who died for our sins,
The halos in the clouds and reading the book on Sundays.

I’m from Mount Carmel, the ribs with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce, and the homemade ice cream sitting behind the guard. From the sweetest broken heart at Licking Heights, and from the wrestler still watching over me while framed in the hall,

I am from the family photo wall going up the stairs of that classic farm house,
And I am the yellow handprint hanging in the garage. The writing all over the closet walls and the things in her forever box are all a piece of me,
And I am from the roots that have given me my strength to branch out, and the foundation I’ll have for eternity.

Written based off of the " where I'm from " Template

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