Afternoons with Grandmother

We sat together while I read out loud,
My young eyes focused, my head was bowed.
I glanced at your attentive face,
Familiar memories you seemed to chase.
Ancient poems that old men wrote
Rescued the memories that stayed afloat.
We read of soldiers that men have forgotten
We pictured castles that have long since rotten.
And though my words were vainly spoken
Because murderous time leaves beauty broken,
We shattered the years that left you idle.
We skipped along paths that bore an adventurous title.
I returned your book and glanced around
Neither you nor I uttered a sound.
My young eyes circled around the room
And all I could see was an empty gloom..
No soldiers, no castles, no adventures in the air
Yet you smiled contently from your rocking chair
You smiled not for the adventures gone,
But for the memories that forever live on.

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