The last thing we need is more rain,
But every day in Yorkshire it comes down again.
Quite cloudy in the sky tonight,
Its still raining again its quite a fright,
Floods are coming here I fear tonight.
This rain isn’t going any where its been around day after day,
The wet soaking weather is making us sad,
When floods come in our homes makes us mad.
Cleaning up the mess that the river and flooding has left,
All the hard work getting water out of the house gets us out of breath.
Mud all around as people are trying to clean up,
Walls with wet plaster shows how far the water came up.
Everyone’s possessions thrown all around,
Buried in the dark mud that is on the ground,
Tons of house contents out on the street,
All stacked in piles not looking that neat.
Ready and waiting to be disposed of and taken away,
Quickly as you can without delay.
Volunteers running around doing whatever they can,
To help the venerable animal or man.
Meals are cooked then given away,
To feed the people that are hungry cold wet today.
© Copyright 2016 Allan Robinson

All about the floods

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