Fickle mind and tired heart;
I’ve been made a callous fool.
Nearer to my life’s depart,
Demons laughed and ridiculed.
Misanthrope…is this my fate?
Enervated and so wounded.
All in darkness I await (but)
Never finding my Beloved.
Desiccated is how they left me
Yearning for my weakened blood.
Oh, companion, can you see?
Unveiled remains my flower bud.
Come replenish my dried up soul
And show me Love is very true.
Night will come so make me whole
Hold me tight. Don’t say adieu.
And if you shall be the one, my dear
Veer off course from the uncertain.
Enlighten my heart of what is clear
And with happiness I will be laden.
Look at me with honest eyes.
Love me with entire patience.
Overdreamt, and immortalized;
For you are my significance.
My dear, if you’re the one
Erase all fear and come.

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Cory Garcia
más de 7 años

To desire and be desired.... is that all there is... to love a life that has an end... to dream and awaken again... to live this life for the moment when... in quiet intensity... we are brought to our feet again...Well done sister poet :)

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Taylor Cory Garcia

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