In the fragments of my kaleidoscopic words I mentioned to you in dull letters that I loved you.
Bubbling between the silence of fear and curiosity was the frigid wind.
A leaf passes in the rose scented air.
Could that have been the moment?
Could that have been the ride?
I love you
Words never spoken.
How is it that I can taste the certainty of what is utterly uncertain?
My tongue weighs heavily in my swollen mouth.
The words vibrate against my teeth, but
It out.
You smell of sweet wine and fresh mountains.
A mountain is what you are.
My climb is perpetual.
The fall is fatal.
Such a lovely word if I am falling with you.
together we will fall.

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Ally Rey
almost 7 years

thank you, kind soul :)

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Perfectly rendered :)

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Cory Garcia

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