Tell me you will find me.
Will you look to the ruler of all lovers
(The pearly moon)
And ask her to point you the way?
Will you remember my face?
I left a message for you in the stars
And the constellation is exactly that of
The constellation that’s scattered within my freckles.
Underneath each, there lied a memory that couldn’t be forgotten.
Time is a violent wave when letting go is essential,
But you must realize that the bond that once seemed
Inseverable has been severed.
To what are you perpetually holding on to?
What in the space of shadows is compelling you to stay?
Do not let illusion consume you.
I’ll always remember the song that was sung to me from the ocean–
The ocean in your veins.
Will you remember mine, or will I be merely a leaf
blowing past you in the wind,
never to be seen again?

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