the change from when i was 12 to now

If you were to have asked me what my credo was when I was 12 I would have given you a list. I would have told you that sex before marriage is not ok you’re not allowed to do it. I would have told you that drugs and alcohol were unnecessary parts of life. If you asked you me about profanity I would have said it was a sin. Most importantly in my 12 year old mind I would have told you that if you didn’t believe In God you were as good as dead. I would have said that if you didn’t believe in the right God then you were headed down death row that you were as bad as the devil. Sure it was offensive it was rude but it was me.
  However if you were to ask me today what my credo was I would tell you I still have a list but a lot of its changed. I would have told you that sex before marriage was still not recommended but it isn’t completely bad. I would say that although I still am against drugs, but I would also say that yes maybe one day I will try it. Alcohol is the same thing, maybe its your way to get rid of the pain, the bad memories, the terrible flash backs. Maybe it isn’t the best way to fade away but maybe it’s all you have. All you are willing to do.
  When I compare my credos from when I was 12 to now when I’m 16 I would tell you a lots changed. But I will also ask a question. Did my opinion change because society changed me or because I have actually changed? Chris chose to ignore reality and to go with what he believed. I changed with my reality with my everyday but I didn’t change because of society. Where Chris decided to leave everything that had to do with humans to do with the society. I will eventually move on from my life but I won’t leave society behind.


we were asked to do this in english but i found it really was true it really was me...

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