destruction comes with a price

show me the real you they say,
show me the hate you have to hide,
show me the secrets you hide,
show me why you walk away when you shouldnt....
the darkness closes in the way a tiger stalks its pray,
the hate that inspires my rage continues to ignite my flame,
the pain that comes after the knif cuts across my skin rushes like the river rushes by,
the blood pours out of me like a the water flows from a fountain....
hate explodes from my pores,
hate destroys my love,
hate is why i cry,
hate is why i say leave me alone and pretend not to know me,
hate is the reason why nobody really knows the real me....
my destructive wave of hate is the one thing that for sure defines me......


if you know my real name and you know my story then you know why i hide and cry and pretend that everythings ok when in the truth i really want to die....

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presque 7 ans

very inspiring

presque 7 ans

I don't know you but your words almost showed me. Be strong u have talent. Best wishes and hope luck comes to find you


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