I’ve got attitude
DAMN right I’ve
got attitude!
Living in this
House with
Always pushing me
down, down to
the ground
Don’t like what
I say, don’t like
what I do
Look at yourself
before you say
I have attitude
What does the
mirror say? That
you have attitude?
Well I say
I have attitude
So get out of
my life stay
away from me
You don’t like
who I am then
don’t pay attention
Most of all I
hate your lies
and what you say
So FUCK YOU!!!!!!!


This is what I wish I could say to my father. Maybe one day I will.

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Le Carmilla
over 6 years

feel the rage in there; i understand ......

Midnight Rose
over 6 years

I have 1year and 3.5 months and then he wants me to stay through collage

Midnight Rose
over 6 years

I have almost two years till I'm 18 then he wants me to stay wile in collage. Fuck no I ain't doin that.

J.A. Lütz
over 6 years

I completely understand. I was arrested at age 13 for trying to kill my father - while my sisters were cheering me on. I was then unsuccessful at suicide by C.O.P.How much longer do you have under his roof?

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