Our song came on the radio today.
An old relic,
Like your dusty comics I keep in the closet.
I feel I’ve forgotten you again
like I’ve been here once or two,
The notes twisting around my body,
Licking my insides,
Our sweet fire.
It was your declaration to me,
How it said what I wanted you to,
Not just once, or in a song.
But to show me
Real and true with every breath
To you a revelation no doubt one sided
In my witchy ways.
I cant change you.
But I tried,
Good lord I tired,
Fingers– to– the– blood-bone,
A gave you my marrow and ligaments,
And my spine you kept on your person
At all times.
Like how to swim or stack cards,
You showed  me how to accept
What I can change and pretend I don’t
Without trying.
How to grow tired and free
as the wind does,
to give up what you love when
It’s the reason you hurt the most.
And most of all,
You taught me to get what I want.

a rough draft, still needs some tweeking

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james matthew coleman
oltre 6 anni

not sure exactly... where did you find it?

gia frisco
quasi 7 anni

no i dont draw...wish i could. yea you can have a copy. how though?

james matthew coleman
quasi 7 anni

you got it!... the pics you use for your profile, do you draw them?... is this one above even a drawing, and is it of you?.. I like them both, is there any way I could get a copy of the last one? the one of the girl with big eyes and smudgy make-up .... she is beautiful

gia frisco
quasi 7 anni

thank you!

james matthew coleman
quasi 7 anni

Very nice

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

Sounds pretty amazing to me :)

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