**May I say I am so proud of Jen for not being selfish. Always there to pick up the pieces of someone else's wrongs. Jen could have let the State of Florida take these children away. But she's raising Bella (Arabella) and soon Addy (Addison) as her own. Jen's the only "Mommy" that Bella has known. She wants them to have the life they so deserve. Caring and loving them as all children should be. This beautiful and wonderful woman is my son Gary's fiancée. I love her so. I'm so proud of my son for being there with Jen every step of the way. For accepting Bella as his own. Bella calls Gary her "PaPa", as he's the only "Daddy" she's ever known. I know when Addy gets use to Gary I'm sure she'll call him PaPa too. Both Jen and Gary have grown children of their own. But it's clear to see for them these 2 Beautiful Darling Girls are a Blessing and They Both Welcome Them With Arms Opened Wide and Huge Loving Hearts.


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