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I feel like I’ve fought such a long, long war
Been in the trenches and now no more
I’m finally free, free to be who I want to be
No one telling me what to do, just me being me.
No longer burdened from those 45 and 1/2 years
I don’t feel sad and no longer cry those hurtful tears
All those years he stole from me and finally I have relief
Now I can breathe and not be held hostage by this thief.
Leave behind the bad times and never look back
Now it’s about the future, I’m finally on track
I feel like a flower that’s about to bloom
Each petal erases one year of gloom.
Each day I wake up to a most beautiful world
I look up at the sky with its blue colors all swirled
It seems I carry myself more graceful then before
That weight has been lifted, I feel lighter once more.
I’m so much stronger and will take care of myself
Not interested in a relationship, just my health
Time to just have days with no turmoil or strife
It’s my chance to live, I’m going to enjoy what’s left of my life.

I'm  finally free from the narcissistic sociopath who once controlled my life. On Monday 4/20/15 my ex came and got the rest of his belongings. On Tuesday 4/21/15 we went to court and with in a half an hour signed papers and he's out of my life for good. No reminders of him left behind. All the problems are now in the past. It's been a very long road but I have survived. I will get what I was promised and I bought him out of his half of the house. Now this is MY HOUSE! I am so very happy and feel alive once more. Living doesn't seem like such a chore. Now I'm living on my terms and not on his. I walk around and I'm happy once more. I will never ever be controlled again. It's not living it's like being in a prison. No one has the right to own anyone, but that's how it felt for me. These past 5 1/2 years were the worse. But now I want to start to live. Thank everyone for being there for me, it meant a lot. Now maybe I can write about the happier things in life. Sandi.


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