First I must tell you of the Sunshine of my life
He is an Angel only with dark hair
The most wonderful reason to be alive
When I look into those curious eyes
Such a sweet and loving child, yet confident and strong
To know he is my Grandson, is the greatest Love of all.
Second I will tell you of the most brilliant Diamond of all
She is all that love can be, so delicate and precious
Eyes of the lightest blue, that sparkle like snowflakes
A funny freckle face, so beautiful to behold
Filled with compassion yet witty as if old
This is my sweet Grandaughter, more precious than Gold.
My Sunshine has grown up into a wonderful man
My Diamond has blossomed into a beautiful woman
My Heart would never have known what was to be
Yet I knew all along they were Priceless to me
God gave me something money can’t buy
He gave me my Grandchildren, who I will Love until I Die.


I Love my grandchildren with all my heart.

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Debra Romero
over 7 years

Heartbreaking very sweet written with such enduring love for them.

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Cory Garcia

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