You are having a very important Birthday
I hope your day is Beautiful and Fantastic
Wish I could be there but we know I can’t
I waited for this day for so long.
I’ve kept my grandmothers ring ready to give to you.
I told you I wanted you to be mature enough to take care of it
I only have one granddaughter and I love you so much
I wish things were different, but that’s not the case
In these last 2 years and 9 months, it really been tough
I imagine how beautiful you’ve become
How well your doing in school, High Honors, I surmise
You’ve always been a very smart young lady
I wonder everyday what your doing
Are you dating a nice young man
Perhaps applying for your very first job
Going to take your test for your drivers permit
I miss you so much, my heart aches all the time
Well my loving granddaughter just so you know
I will never ever give up hoping you’ll come back to me
You are in my Heart for Always and Forever
Your Nani wishes you would come and visit
Or perhaps give me a call some day
But most of all I just wanted  to wish you a
HAPPY 16th  BIRTHDAY! God Bless You  Sweetie!

3/23/2014, was my beautiful granddaughter's 16th B.D. I miss her so much. I last saw her when she was 14 years old. I pray every day for our relationship to mend. She means so much too me. *I HAVE WONDERFUL NEWS, SHE IS BACK IN MY LIFE. IM SO VERY HAPPY. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. God Bless. Sandi.

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
circa 7 anni

Hi my friend. My grandchildren are back in my life. My son brought them to see me today for Mother's Day. What a priceless gift. I hugged and kissed them and sobbed because I was so very happy. My son is taking me and the grandchildren to dinner this Tuesday. Prayers are answered. I'm so full of life. Great day indeed. God Bless, Sandi. Thanks for all the prayers.

Debra Romero
circa 7 anni

Sweet 16 yes what a special birthday.. I say give her a call up reguardless of the situation. You may be surprised my friend. Do you have a FB account? Maybe you could reach her there. Praying for you dear Sandi...

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