Do you believe we really ever get justice?
I for one think not, as the scales of Justice are tipped
I have been there and they weigh heavy on one side
It would seem if you have money or power
Then those scales tip to that side
Time after time you do the right thing
Only to find its a losing battle
Your punished and he who does wrong
Well, he is rewarded every time
You beg and plead your case
When it seems like you’ll win
Guess what, not today
Once again they have failed you
I was taught to always be honest
Apparently the other side is not
They lie, cheat and are evil
I stay strong and true to myself
I hope one day just one person will say
Because of your truthfulness
It’s time the scales tip your way.


I'm so tired of the courts. It would appear money is and always will be how the system is run. If you don't have thousands of dollars and can't stay on their path. Then justice will never prevail as honesty is no longer revered. I will stay on my path of truth and will not give in. I will go down fighting unless by chance I win.

No Justice

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 6 years

You are so right. I'm finally done with all the lawyers and courts after a total of about $45,000 to $50,000. Such a waste of money. Money I didn't have to spend. Most of this was because my ex kept prolonging this and I finally found a lawyer (the 4th one) who saw the human and emotional side of what my ex was putting me through. When my ex came to get the rest of his belongings, my lawyer, his lawyer and I also had a policeman here all saw how controlling he was and how cruel he is. It's all over now. I'm finally free. Time for me to find out who I am. What ever years I have left I want to spend finding things that make me happy. I'm thinking about taking a train trip out West. Probably not until next year as these past 5 1/2 years have cost me almost everything I have. My freedom is Heaven! Thanks. Sandi

Robert L. Martin
about 6 years

The jusdicial system is the same way it has been for many years. The more money you have, the better chance of winning your case. It's too bad.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 7 years

Thanks my friend. That means a lot to me. They have to live with what they've done. I can sleep at night. God Bless. Sandi.

Debra Romero
about 7 years

O yes it's evident that money is how everything is run. But I like your your attitude Sandi to persevere regardless. it shows your iron will and determination. Thanks for this poem of strength...


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