I am thrilled to be alive
Yet sad because I am not living
I wake up every morning
Hoping today will be the day
Yet I go to bed every night
I’ve accomplished nothing
I start all over again
The next day is here
I have no strength
My mind can’t stop thinking
My body won’t start moving
So much has been taken
I just sit and shake my head
Will I ever find myself?
Or will I die a slow death?
My out look is so negative
Yet my heart says I’ll be fine
My instincts are to listen
Because the heart is my lifeline


Life sometimes makes you wonder if your crazy. Everyday feels like ground hog day. But we are inspired to continue just so we can survive.

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

How very kind. I will take your advice.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

No matter where you go... there you are...
Stay sweet dear sister poet... stay sweet

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

You touched my heart by saying if you could you would give me a big hug. Thank You my friend. I'm so glad you appreciate how I write. Yes it does come from the heart and I guess I should be grateful I can express it in my own way. It's so nice to have the positives and you my friend are a positive. I will never doubt my writing again. Sorry it brought you to tears. I Thank You my friend. God Bless you.

Debra Romero
over 7 years

Sandi your poem has touched me so and brought tears to my eyes. You know I can relate to this and so can many as Barb said below this hits a universal cord. O how I wish I lived close enough to you to get in my car and drive over just to give you the biggest hug ever. See what I mean about your poetry style? I just doesn't get better than this. This is a very moving piece that no class can teach. You are kind and sweet and like many of us are trying to figure out where we have been and where we are going from here. Thank you for sharing friend and God bless your sweet soul.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 7 years

Thank You so very much. You are very kind. God Bless, Sandi

Barb Clarke
over 7 years

You are someone. You have done something. This poem is important, it's an honest message about things all humans think about and hits a universal cord. Sincerely, Barb

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