Sometimes we find the light in the darkest of things.
You thought you would never stop crying, then suddenly happiness sings.
Bad days end eventually, and good people are left standing,
I wish the world would stop judging,  labeling,  and branding.
Most of us are better because we learned from the past,
The best people I know are the ones without a mask.
They live and breath their life without caring what you think,
While others are perfect, until you look closer, or they sink.
Anymore who really knows whats for real and what is fake,
With loss of connection, people live life eyes wide awake.
Walk in my shoes for a day because I promise u would never survive.
It’s a miracle in its self I have made it so far,  and I’m alive.
Adversity has been constant in my life as I’ve always been different then you,
But my rare beauty really comes from the struggle I have gone through.


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