This was the end,
Everything was nothing like she thought it would have been.
He sank her soul to the bottom of the sea,
Everything was different, not as she imagined it would be.
Her voice felt so small,
In a world she always imagined she’d stand tall.
Her grasp to weak to grab what she wanted,
Her soul tortured and haunted.
Walk away my love just walk away,
You’ll never be free of this if you stay.
She couldn’t take a step forward towards the goal,
She wound up dying and starving in that black hole.
She held on to hope for another day,
She held on so  long, she just couldn’t stay.
Alone in a nightmare nobody would ever understand,
Alone in a world with nobody to take her hand.
Goodbye to you all,
She could not recover from this fall.
Written by: Angel Vaughan-Hicks


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