Fuck you

Fuck you for all the filthy things you put in my mind,
Fuck you for all the things you hide that I can’t find.
You think you have the world fooled by the image you portray,
But I’m living in this nightmare every fucking day.
What you say and what you do are suppose to go hand in hand,
But I watched our love slip through your fingertips like sand.
The aches in my stomach just got worse and worse,
Living and breathing felt more like a curse.
I want to get out of this but I don’t want to start again,
Now I have this fear everything will turn out just as fake as this has been.
I’m so fucked up I can’t even cry,
I’m so destroyed I just want to die.
No air left for me to breathe,
No dreams left for me to believe.
I’m no good to anyone so broken and blue,
I never gave my heart and soul to anyone but you.
Now I lay here dying and wilting away,
Now it doesn’t matter, there’s nothing you can say.


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