Ginger Noel Carter

In loving memory of Ginger Noel Carter

I can’t believe your gone,
The fucking radio keeps playing your song.
It hit so close to home,
I had no place to roam.
Heart heavy and tears in my eyes,
I wish we could have said our goodbyes.
I keep wanting to wake up from the nightmare,
I keep thinking I’m going to walk in the salon and you will be doing someone’s hair.
My soul sinks a bit deeper each time your not there.
I just want to know what happened and I wish I could have done more,
I am thankful I’m not the one that found you lifelessly laying on the floor.
I just keep thinking about your beautiful children and how much they are gonna miss their momma,
Your babies will never stop missing you and they have to work through this trauma.
I know everything happens for a reason, but I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this,
May your children heal and your soul be at peace is my final wish.
You always made me smile,
And I’m gonna be missing you for quite awhile.
Written By: Angel M Vaughan

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