Grace Over Perfection

I think about the sun,
        But it seems not to shine.
I am nothing,
         And nothing is mine.
I sit down to write,
         And the words become so clear,
It’s sometimes as if,
          Someone is whispering in my ear.
I feel so discouraged,
          I can get lost in my own mind.
Although there is nothing missing,
          There is something I can’t find.
Life is all about the way you look at things,
          It’s in reflection that we can change what the future brings.
Some battles won,
         Some are lost.
What was the gain?
         What was the cost?
The dream we have waited on so long,
        Will help us find our way and where we belong.
Don’t ever lose hope and remember to stay humble,
        We need to be building the life we want,
Instead of watching the one we have crumble.
Let us not take for granted each day to come,
      We have been apart so long,
We have already lost some.
I thank God for putting me right where I need to be,
      And for showing me his unconditional love and mercy.
I will hold myself to a standard of grace rather than perfection,
       I will live my life full of purpose and direction.
Written By: Angel Vaughan

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