In loving memory of Michael Waltemeyer

A young boy taken to soon,
He inhaled the smoke,
He was found in his room.
Many things remind us of him,
Our minds wander to what could have been..
We have so many questions, so few answers,
Our sadness eats our hearts and souls like cancer.
I pick through all the memories of you and I,
Trying hard to set your soul free and say goodbye.
I imagine your the smile you always had on your face,
I know while you were alive you enjoyed this place.
I hope I was a good role model while you were alive,
I never imagined one day so soon, you would die,
I never imagined one day we’d have to say goodbye.
I know your in God’s arms I can feel them wrapped around you when I pray,
As I grieve your loss, God is leading the way,
I can say with his help I made it through the day.


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