The silver lit moon, in the dark grey sky,
A mystery to understand, although some try.
Everything is connected, and I intensely feel the energy of the moon,
A beautiful butterfly is formed from what was once just a cocoon.
Without the sun’s bright light nothing could live,
The moon offers dark with mystery and starlight to give.
Accepting light and dark, knowing it is a part of it all.
Climbing the staircase of success, knowing one day you will fall.
For what goes down must come up, and what goes up must come down,
It is really like a circle, no way out, only spinning around.
Peel away your ego and what the world tells you to be,
The moon is begging you to set your unique soul free.
When we die we shed this body and our souls become light and free,
And we enter a beautiful, weightless dimension just how heaven is supposed to be.
Suddenly we remember God made us perfectly.
Written By:
Angel M Vaughan

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