Never see the light again

You want me to believe you, but you continue to get caught up in lies,
You want this love to last, but I’m the only one that ever tries.
You show me what you want me to see, and leave out all the rest,
You tell me you’ll treat me better, but you fail even at your best.
Who are you really and what are you trying to hide,
I’ve seen several glimpses of the monster you keep inside.
And what I don’t understand is your satisfaction as I die more each day,
Because I love you it gives you the right to treat me this way?
I’m walking away from this darkness today,
I’m picking up the pieces and I’m going to pray.
I know it will take the strength of a thousand angels to get me through,
But I know ill never see light again as long as I’m next to you.
Written by: Angel Vaughan


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Aaron Austin
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